Strategic & Financial Consultancy

We have more than 20 years of experience providing strategic and financial consultancy to a diverse client base.

We support clients  through expert capabilities in strategic advisory, mergers & acquisitions advisory, capital raising advisory and debt advisory.

Strategic Advisory

We offer tailored solutions towards companies looking to scale their business model. We believe our approach is paramount in successfully guiding companies during their entrepreneurial journey.

Writing a business plan, raising new capital, developing your business and realizing your goals: we will guide you through the entire growth cycle.

Our strategic advisory services include:

  • Advising on the development of long-term growth strategies

  • Structuring a well-defined business plan

  • Selecting potential investors with the “best fit”

  • Preparing the investor pitch

  • Coordinating the entire fundraising process

  • Managing all negotiations

  • Acting as a sounding board for entrepreneurs

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

In advising companies on an acquisition, merger, or sale, we evaluate potential targets, provide valuation analyses, and evaluate and propose financial and strategic alternatives.

We provide our clients with independent judgment and deep expertise as they navigate their most important transactions and strategic decisions. Mergers & acquisitions are unique events for most entrepreneurs; careless and hasty deals can destroy shareholders’ value. 

We also advise as to the timing, structure, financing, and pricing of a proposed transaction as well as assist in negotiating and closing the deal. From preliminary conversations, through due diligence, to finalizing the transaction, we supply expert advice and highly personalized support at every stage of the process, coordinating the entire M&A transaction.

Our M&A advisory services include:

  • Determining the strategy in collaboration with shareholders

  • Writing a detailed business plan and a compelling investment story

  • Preparing the Information Memorandum

  • Offering company valuation, structuring and analysis

  • Preparing the data room

  • Selecting potential investors with the “best fit”

  • Supporting the due diligence process

  • Guidance through all negotiations

Capital Raising Advisory

We help clients to take their businesses to the next level by accessing new and additional capital. Additional funds will offer companies the flexibility they need to achieve their long-term goals.

We have strong expertise in structuring and executing private market transactions for our corporate clients who require direct private equity, credit, or hybrid financing solutions. Our comprehensive private placements product suite includes traditional and pre-IPO equity private placements for private companies, private convertible and hybrid securities and senior and subordinated structured private debt.

We also provide our clients with independent advice, experienced judgment and key insights on all aspects of equity and debt capital markets transactions, with a focus on IPO and bond issuance.

We maintain strong relationships with institutional and private equity and debt investors in Italy and abroad. Our differentiated relationships with a broad network of investor decision makers enables us to connect our clients with “traditional” investors such as private equity funds, hedge funds and alternative lenders as well as with an extensive network of “non-traditional” capital partners, such as family offices, pension funds, insurance companies and strategic investors. Such extensive relationships enable us to assist you in finding the right capital partner that will share your goal of continued growth and success.

Our capital raising services include:

  • Structuring a well-defined business plan

  • Preparing a compelling investment story

  • Identifying the most optimal financing structure

  • Selecting potential investors with the “best fit”

  • Negotiating with investors

  • Coordinating the entire fundraising process

Debt Advisory

We assist our clients in designing a financing structure that suits their debt capital needs through tailored credit structures resulting in competitive pricing.

We have a proven track record in advising companies on preparing financial plans and presentations for financiers, addressing a range of financing options ranging from simple bank loans, private placements to capital raisings across the capital spectrum, and negotiating the terms of the financing.

Our debt advisory services include:

  • Acquisition financing

  • Maturity extension, capex or dividend financing

  • Working capital financing

  • Credit ratings advisory